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24 July 2015

Clinique Haul !!

Hey guys, it's friday night and I'm writing this post tonight because my husband had to go for an urgent client meeting. Yesss, else I would not be home this moment rather be instagramming from the new Italian restaurant we were supposed to go to dinner for. Anyways, it was not in his hands, else he surely would have cancelled it for me,  so I am just trying to chill out here with some soft music and a glass of red wine. After all I need to cheer up my friday night too, now let me share my favorite skincare products with ya'll. Undoubtedly, it's CLINIQUE for last 7 months, and I am really getting to love them, that I don't stay a day without using their range of skincare.

Skincare regime is a holy ritual that I am sticking to since I have started to have a little discoloration at few spots on my face and since I have realized the importance of a skincare routine in a girl's life. It is a MUST, trsut me you have to set it one day or another so why not today, before you start to see unwanted changes in your skin, better prevent it at an earlier stage. Let me share the products I am going to review about today and then I will give my genuine thoughts on them.

List of products here in the sequene Im going to write about are :-
1. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (200ml)
2. Clinique Clarifying lotion (200ml)
3. Clinique all about eyes (15ml)
4. Clinique dramatically different mositurizing gel (125ml)
5. Clinique even better skin tone correcting moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 20 (7ml)

First four products are the most crucial parts of 3 step skin care system by Clinique, which I will brief you all seperately.

I first bought these products in Malaysia, and once I loved using them and they were getting empty, I bought the bigger bottles of these, actually my husband got them for me from New Jersey, and after I recieved them I found out there was a little price difference in both the countries. Now, let's find out a little about all of these and the reason why I am hooked onto them.

1. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - It is available for 3 skin stypes - very dry to dry skin(extra mild), dry combination skin(mild) and combination oily to oily skin(oily skin formula) and comes in 200ml sized bottle if bought seperately else they can also be seen in smaller sizes unless you buy the set of 3(miniatures). It claims to cleanses without stripping protective lipids. Also it preps the skin for exfoliating action of clarifying lotion and convenient pump dispenses just the right amount. Now this is my favorite facial wash presently and I guess the best of the lot I have been using till date. I have alot of reasons fro why I love it so much, let me mention a few to you here, the first being it's texture, which is not very thick or watery like other face wash that we find in the market. It's transparent with a slight odour not too strong, and a very light feel on skin while you lather it on your face. It cleans my face so nicely, that everytime I wash my face with it, it feels like I have got a new skin on.
To apply it just wet your hands a little with water, squeeze coin sized amount in your palms and lather it before applying onto your face in circular motions, once done rinse it off well. Really guys, I know most of the facial wash that we use does same thing to our skin, but this one is just awesome, and you will know it on the first use of it. It is not harsh and makes my skin feel supersoft after I rinse it with water. It is advisable to use it twice a day, but since you won't be getting up from a dusty rug in the morning, you can skip it, but it is a must if you have been out or have makeup on. I usually use it to clean my face in the afternoon after workout or cooking once and again before going to bed with my nightly skincare routine. I would definitely recommend you to buy it once and experience its goodness for yourself, just keep in mind your skintype.
Rating - 5/5

2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion Exfoliate - This is the step 2 product of 3 step-skincare system by Clinique. It claims to deflake to reveal clearer skin. Smooths the way for moisture and formulas for dry combination skin helps sweep away oil for a clearer looking skin. I have a little dry skin so I use this lotion, girls with oily skin can go for the other toner. It basically has 4 skin typed formulas - very dry to dry, dry combination, combination oily and oily skin available in 200m and 400ml sized bottles. I love Clinique for being so skin directed and specific for every kind of skin, they have created their products keeping in mind every girl's skin conditions and requirements, you definitely won't find this optional benefit with many other brands you know. It just has to be applied after you have cleansed the face using their facial wash, with the help of facial cotton wipes/ball(need to be ultra soft), by sweeping all over the face and throat twice daily and better to be followed up by a moisturizer. I just feel it helps clear off that extra makeup from your face, those little arrogant parts which are still sticking to the skin after cleansing, it makes my skin really soft and supple. It does give a little tingling sensation but as they say it just means that the formula is doing it's job on your skin. I love this clarifying lotion and  have been using this also since January.
Rating - 5/5

3. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel   -   Though I don not use this(was gifted to me), as I have a little dry skin so I use dramatically different moisturizing lotion+. It is alos available in two mai skin types - For dry skin - very dry to dry and dry combination and For oily skin - oily and oily combination. But you can choose between two sizes - 50ml or 125ml if your are trying it for the first time. It is the third important step/part in Clinique's 3 step-skin care system.  It is optimal for use at both morning and night, and creates a nice moisturized skin layer for the makeup. It aims to maintain optimal moisture balance for skins comfortable in th cheeks but oily in the T-zone or oily all over, as its oil free formual softens,smooths and improves. I must say it does all it claims to, atleast for my skin I totally love the yellow creamy texture of moisturizing lotion+.You can just walk into the Clinique store and tell the sales girl about your requirements and she will guide you to the right skincare products according to your skin condition. I have written a post few weeks back regarding the dramatically different mositurizing lotion+ you can follow that for further info.
Rating - 4/5

4. Clinique all about eyes - It claims to diminish eye puffs, darkness and fine lines. Non-creep gel/cream formula actually helps hold eye makeup in place, for use morning and night, both under eyes and on lids. I used this for the first time in January when I was in India and had a really busy schedule, and due to family/friends visiting over it was always midnight until I could hop on bed. I used it religiously for 2 months and did feel hydrated and super soft after the application under the eye and it also helped mainatin the mositure level throughout the day, but I did not see any remarkable change in the darkness I had developed during few busy days. Until recently I visited Clinique and have been introuced to a new eye cream which is aimed at clearing off the dark circles in 4 weeks. I had bought this at the KL airport and I told the sales girl very clearly I am looking for an eye cream to reucedark circles she handed me over all about eyes.To apply use your ring finger and cover the whole ey area with a gentle patting motion. One thing I can say after that experience is do not blindly trust the sales girls at the airports, always do a little bit of research for yourself before spending on a skincare product whether or not it is expensive. I have got another pack of this for I loved how quickly it gets absorbed into the skin and keeps my eye region soft all day long. I use it often when I have to put on eye makeup nd want it to stay a little longer.
Rating - 3/5

5. Clinique even better dark spot corrector broad spectrum SPF 20 - This was just a saple size(7ml) that my sis-in law sent for me with the moisturizer. I have only used it for some 5 times and it bwill be too early for me to comment on it, I would do that in a few more weeks. Though I also came to know it was not available at the Malaysia Clinique outlets. It is white and creamy and does not have a really strong odour, I apply it in place of my moiturizer if I am going out on a really hot sunny day.

I hope this post is of some help for all you girls in choosing the right skincare brand/product for you.
Let's have a super weekend !!
Love, Kanchan

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