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3 June 2015


Hey guys, I'm back and this time with a lot of news on what's happening here in Malaysia, and all the latest spring and dummer collection at few of my favorite stores. I will be sharing pictures of stuff I took with my iphone6 and what I liked and what I did not. But one thing that I can say is its really hot and colorful this year.

Let me start with TOPSHOP today and then I will be talking about H&M and ZARA as well. I was out on a dress hunt while I came through alot of nice stuff at TOPSHOP Midvalley Megamall.

 This is a very cool and chic short black dress that caught my eyes, and it can be paired with a cool pair of white sneakers and a huge tote bag. Or for the girly look you can wear it with a nice pair of flat sandals.

This backpack is so cute I wish I was still in school to buy it and show it off to my friends and tease them. Its in a perfect nude color to use with all of your clothes. I think its basically for teens to create a style of their own.

This was a new bikini collection with pop of orange and blues, the good things is you can choose and mix match if you want to rather buying the same set. I loved the blue high-waist kind blue lower for a 80's type look.

Then there was this long printed slit-skirt in a nice cream base and black flowers on it, can be teamed up with a pretty black top or a sequined top, trust me it will look so awesome for a dinner or party attire. You would just need to put on some nice heels to be that sexy girl you are on the inside.

This is a brown leather strapped sandal for the summers, and will go perfect with all kinda shorts and denims. To accessorise you would need this cute bucket bag.This bag is so spacious and cool, girls can fill it up with all their stuff and still roam around easy and happy.

  Now this is what I had been waiting to show you all for so long, its a sequined silver short dress just like the ones you find on celebs and models in concerts or rock shows. Its so pretty that I could resist myself to try it on, but unfortunately they did not have my size and asked me to come again after a week or so. Its the coolest and sexiest dress I have seen and I have always dreamt of such stuff since I was a litle girl, I have to have it.

As you can see its a lovely yellow textured short skirt with nice cuts and design, will be good on a day or night with white, or black tops. You can wear it with heels or just a pair of sandals and rock it.

Now this is something I had never seen before, this nude colored wedge is made of pig skin lining and looks so sexy. Everybody hates that creepy animal but I guess they would not mind trying on this pair of wedge. Its in budget and cool to go with your denims.

 A black pair of sunglasses is all yu need to complete any of your look in this hot summer, and look ultrqa chic when its lined with silver and has TOPSHOP label on them.

Happy shopping, wait up until my next post.


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