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24 June 2015

Red is getting hotter !!

Hello readers,  the post is finally you all have been waiting for a long time is finally here. It's a bright sunny day here in KL, my husband is back from his NY trip, I am really happy to have recieved alot of gifts post-birthday, I feel all pampered and special by him always.
This post is a review and comparison of all the red lipsticks I use of different brands based on their color, lasting power, texture and shade.

I will be posting my personal view and experience based upon their usage and my opinions might differ from others. There are 4 lipsticks, (though it was a tough time selecting from my collection) which are my favorite and used regulary. Today I'll be writing about different red lipsticks by -Bobbi Brown, The Body Shop and 2 of them by Mac.

Red lipsticks are the next best friends to a girl after diamonds, atleast thats the case for me, and yes its Red has got some attraction powers I believe which just gets our attention first, and its does not matter if it is a dress, a bag, a lipstick or a nail color. It's the color of love, power and a little bit of danger I guess - and it's much needed sometimes to make you feel more powerful in some way to the crowd around you. Let's celebrate this color and shine everytime we put it on like a rockstar.

   Bobbi Brown 

1. Boobi Brown - Sultry red (3.4g) is new to my collection as its been gifted to me by my hubby recently. I had just told him to pick any red lip color of his choice and I was happy and surprised to see this color, definitely he's going to be a major in selecting lip colors for me now.
I cannot comment about its color on my face yet, but about the lasting power its really good as I have other Bobbi Brown lipsticks too, and I love how well they keep my lips hydrated and shiny all the time. This red shade is a bright blood red kind of red and will look awesome on kinds of complexions, it will be a color to kill if you are going on a date or a party. I love its golden packaging or casing so much that I am going to buy more of these just to have a collection of these cute little gold cases.


2. MAC - Lady Danger (2g) is a beautiful mix of orange and red which I cannot live without, its hard to explain its shade until you use it and realise it by yourself. I have been using it for about 7 months now and its really worth paying for. The shade is sexy not just for the date nights but even for daytime I apply it and have been asked about it by many of my friends often. It goes perfect with all of my outfits and looks, no matter how the day is for me, I have it in my bag like forever. It stays for about 3-4 hours and then you have to re-apply it just to make it look fresh again. But if you are eating or drinking I would advise you to do a re-touch. Go buy it today and thank me later   :)

                                                        THE BODY SHOP

3. THE BODY SHOP - Color Crush 12 (3.5g) is a very worthy lipstick to buy keeping in mind its lasting power and price. You can buy these lipsticks like 2 a month and it won't harm your pocket like the other expensive brands. Its a maroon like color so I will not actually put it in the category of reds, rather just a shiny maroon gloss to be precise. They are moisturised well and make you feel soft and smooth, plus it works like a lip balm as well, so there is no need of applying a lip balm when your are using this range by The Body Shop.
For more info on it, you can check out my previous post which also has its comparison to a pink lipstick from the color crush collection. Here    -


2. MAC - Russian Red (2g) is a pretty maroonish red color with a matte effect, I love to use it while I'm out for dinners or late night parties. It shows off nicely and looks beautiful on my skin color making me look pretty too. But for those who have dry lips I would suggest you use a lip balm or a gloss beneath or over it to make it stay long and not break away.

Below is a swatch comparison of these 4 red lippies and you can get a better look on the shades, I have tried to take this picture in best of natural light, without editing.

Bobbi Brown - Mac - The Body Shop - Mac in the same order, hope you like it and it helps you to choose the perfect red lipstick for yourself.

Have a nice day !!

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