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29 June 2015

Mac Lightful C vs Clinique lotion !!

Hello lovelies, how have you been? It's just the beginning of this week and end of june. This month had been really exciting for me as it was my birthday month, I got to attend IIFA, met few of my favorite celebrities, visited places with my in-laws, my husband went for a great deal to New Jersey and I got alot of gifts too. July is going to be fun with Ramadan going on here I have to plan for a holiday soon. We are still in dilemma as to which location should be planned keeping in mind the weather conditions and and flight availability.

I feel so good to share my life with you all it's like having a million friends from all over the world and so it's my responsibility to write true review about skincare products and makeup based on my personal experience. This post is about a comparison between two of the very famous moisturizers - CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturizing lotion+ and MAC lightful C marine-bright formula moisture cream.

I will start with comparison between their texture, quantity, price and smoothing effect on my face since I started using them.

1. Texture - As you can see in the picture Mac lightful C cream has a white gel like texture while Clinique moisturizing lotion+ has a yellow colored creamy touch to it. 

2. Ingredients - Very little difference in terms of ingredients used in these two creams.

3. Quantity - Mac lightful C cream is available in only a 50ml/1.7 US FL OZ container while Clinique dramatically different mositurizing lotion+ is available in 50ml and 125ml/4.2 FL OZ in a pump opening bottle.

4. Price - Mac lightful C cream 50ml price is a little higher than what Clinique moisturizing lotion stands for both its 50ml or 125ml bottle. So you can actually buy two Mac 50ml creams in the price of one Clinique bottle of 125ml. 

5. Smoothing effect - Mac cream having a gel like texture is perfect for me as I have a little bit of dry skin specially in winters but I felt a bit sweaty after applying this though it claims to get absorbed in the skin quickly which is true, I liked the kind of hydration it provides but could not find much brightening effect after use of almost 3 months.

This cream claims its enhanced with the high power impact of Marine-bright formula and super-duo charged water, is lightweight, gel-style brightening cream which absorbs quickly into skin, provides moisture and long-lasting protection against dehydrating external elements, with addition of vitamin C which will give skin brigthening effects.

It does make you feel hydrated for a long time but will not do anything much to improving the complexion.

Clinique dramatically different moiturizing lotion+ is specially meant for very dry to dry skin, while Clinique dramatically different moisturing gel is meant for oily skin. So I bought the one for dry skin which is perfect for my skin type and can be used both at day and night. 
The cream claims to have a new complex and a formula that strengthens skin's own moisture barrier by 50% and the skin will feel more soft and will have a glow.

I use this cream on and off according to the weather conditions outside and then take a little drop onto my palms and rub it between both palms and then apply it on my face and neck except the eye area. But for the texture its nice that I feel smooth even after hours of applying it. It gets absorbed into the skin quick and makes me feel supple and hydrated, so I am definitely going to buy it again.

I would suggest you all to choose the right skin cream for your skin as it's an important part of skin care routine and needs delicate care forever.

Thanx for stopping by !!

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