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19 June 2015

Black - a cold color......

Hey girls, I know its just been 2 days since my last post but I wanted to share this with you all for a really long time. The coming weekend seems beautiful and rainy looking at the weather in past few days. As I mentioned earlier my in-laws here for this month, and we have got less time to show them around Malaysia, and my husband left for New Jersey last friday on an official trip, its my responsibility to keep them entertained. So yesterday I went to see minions with them just to make them feel like a kid again, last monday we had gone for Jurassic world and we totally loved it. So today I have nothing much to do better than to write a fashion blog for you all. It focuses on a chic winter look for you to carry and look gorgeous.

Winters undoubtedly are the best and favorite season of most of us and dressing up in nice overcoats, scarves and boots makes it even more interesting. When we go shopping for woollens black is the first option we want at each store we visit, or atleast its the most vulnerable color for us to look more pretty and red in winters. And if for one time we see something in a different color we want it to be black or brown somehow. I love black alot too and not just for winters but even summers, as I feel it makes me look more beautiful and magically brightens my skin and complexion. I really don't know if its a myth in my scrabbled mind or you all feel the same way for black.

I am seen wearing a Black overcoat on a yellow colored tee, over black pants teamed with black velvet boots. To accessorise I wore a nacklace with green pendant that matches with the green color in my tee. I had tied up my hair simple in a high pony and carried a crossbody sling bag to make it look more cool and comfortable.

                                                  Tee : Boutique
                                                  Bottoms : H&M
                                                  Overcoat : Random store in Hong Kong
                                                  Boots : Boutique in Hong Kong
                                                  Glasses  : Prada
                                                  Crossbody bag : H&M
                                                   Bracelet : Random
                                                   Watch : Esprit
                                                    Necklace : Forever21
                                                    Lips : Lady danger by Mac

For a closer look at the bag you can have a view at my previous posts. I felt superchic and sexy in this attire and absolutely loved the weather on the day we shot these.
Hope you all like this look as much as I do, thanks for dropping by :)


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