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17 June 2015


Hi friends this post had been long pending in my mind and on the blog, I guess 10 days. It's about the day I attended IIFA (International Indian Film Academy Awards) Fashion - Extravagnaza & Party on 6th June 2015 at Ballroom Shangri La. It was the most awaited event for me since I came to know it was going to be held in Malaysia. I always was and am a huge fan of glamour, fashion world and celebrities. Whenever I used to read the newspaper I would only search for the glam and fashion news or celebrity life and gossip and so I do have a huge knowledge of it since few years. I had told my husband clearly "no matter what happens, I want to see the awards and that will be my birthday gift", so he had to get the tickets for us,and in no time since the ticket sale started online he got us the tickets closest to the stage.

I knew all the celebs were gonna be in town sooner or later, so we went straight up to the marriott hotel, starhill gallery, once I found out the 3 day itinerary there was no stopping me. The IIFA was supposedly to be held on 7th June at the stadium, which we already had the tickets for, my hubby booked us a room at Shangri La for 6th night just to make me happy, and let me see all the stars and bollywood closely. We checked in around 12:30 had lunch in their restaurant which had a lovely buffet and surprisingly few delcious Indian dishes. I was only happy to dress up at the night and get the passes for the fashion show later in the night, as next morning we had to pick up his parents from the airport.
 After a little nap, and a small photo session at their garden we both went up to get the desired beauty sleep. As I woke up I saw him next to me with a flower, coffee and these two black papers in his hands, he said "Get ready qucikly lets go buy you a dress for the night, we have to attend the fashion show and walk the green carpet at night, you have to look the best as always". Whatttttttt??? Yes, that's how I exactly reacted snatching away the passes from his hands and jumped in excitement as that of a baby, at the same time getting angry on him for not telling about this to me a day before so I could have prepared myself for this night. Within no time we left in search of the perfect black dress for me, after a long search in few stores until I was totally disheartened he told me to pick up something from my present collection at home and pay attention to getting somebody to help me look perfect for the night,w hich made sense, as it was already 7pm and I was all panicked and crazy with excitement. We rushed home picked up few of my dresses, his clothes and all the required stuff needed.
Here's a look of how the pass looked like.

My next worry was to get myself a hair and makeup atrist for the evening to give me that perfect glam look for the fashion show and after party. Thankfully I was able to get a girl from the hotel salon to do my hair and makeup in my room itself only before the show. This was the time I was happy, anxious, nervous, curious and excited about the night, and could not thank my husband enough for making this dream of my childhood to come true.

The girl who came to do my makeup was a local Malaysian and I could not see it while she worked upon me, but later after my makeup I could not thank her enough to make me look so beautiful in such short notice. She suggested me to curl my hair rather keep them straight and I must say it worked making me look prettier and sexy enough for the fashion show. Here is a little sneak peak into the glam process.....

It was the most fun and fashionolic night of my life to see a fashion show, bollywood stars and famous fashion designers in real life and I was lucky to have pictures and chat with them.

Next blog will be about the fashion show and I will share more pictures from it soon.
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