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27 May 2015

Hot Pinks for this Summer - Best affordable brands

Hey friends, how have you been? I know its been really long since I posted something, its only cause I have been busy with my in-laws lately. Today I got up and thought of sharing my favourite pink lippies for this summer as I have been asked about it alot by my friends and followers. I have chosen 5 of my pink lippies to share with you all and did a little swatch like represntation of it too.

Pink is a love of all girls and women as far as I know, and if there is somebody who does not like pink is really inside the eggshell. Atleast for me its the most beautiful, feminine and attractive colors of all, and no matter what I go to shop for, be it clothes,shoes,makeup or bags, my eyes find the pinks in the store first before the rest. So lets see which five are in my list today......

1. COLORBAR - 33 M TOOTY FRUITY (4.2g) is a nice matte touch pink lipstick and is a very beautiful pink for all skin shades. It will go best on all colors of tees or dresses, you can put it on everyday and wear it to office as well. I have been using it for almost an year and its still the same just that its a bit dry so a nice lip balm is a must before applying it.

The body shop

2. THE BODY SHOP - 205 COLOR CRUSH (3.5g) is a very pretty pink that is always in my purse and I have used it for two years and have bought it again recently. Infact my mother loved it so much that she took this straight away after one application, now she wears it to her work regularly. What I love most about this lippe is that its so smooth, buttey and mositurised that no lip balm or primer is required beneath it and it stays almost all day long without letting the lips dry out. Girls its a must have for this summer, without a doubt just go ahead and buy it today. Thank me later :)

Below is a little swatch like representation of my 5 favorite pink lippes on my arm, I have tried to use the maximum light on them using my iphone 6, (the camera is yet to come). 

So you can make out a very slight difference between Colorbar lipstick and The body shop pink lipstick.

3. L'OREAL PARIS - R512 PEARLY BERRY ALLURE is a shiny, glossy pink on a darker shade. I have been using this for about 5 months now, the only thing I dont like about it is its smell and wierd bitter taste that I get whenever I hve put it on. Speaking of the look it shimmery and pink so will be perfect for all those fair girls or those who want a party pink lippie. Plus its quite cheap compared to many other brands. I also love its golden casing with a small pink window on top.

4. MAYBELLINE - POW2 PINK ALERT BY COLOR SENSATIONAL is again a lovely pink lipstick similar to shade 1 and 2 that I hace shared. Its also a bright feminine pink color just like the paper bag of Victoria's secret. Any girl will love it, I have used it for just 3 months and already so much in love with it. I have even recommended to few of my friends and they love it too. Price range is nearly the price of L'oreal lipstick, so would not harm your pocket as well.

5. THE BODY SHOP - 12 COLOR CRUSH (3.5g) is a different kind of pink with a tinch of red in it. Its more like a marooninsh pink, without much glitter, totally different from last four pinks I talked about. Being a body shop lipstick its moisturised and smooth, it does not let the lips dry so I wear it occasionally. It could be a darker shade of what number 3 L'oreal shade is, but I dont love it. For girls who want a darker maroon pink can go for it. Its affordable and not much expensive.

So this was a quick look at my 5 pink lipsticks for this summer, I hope it helps you to make the right choice. Do let me know your pinks too, so that I can go and buy them too. Till then, have a great day. !!


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