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8 April 2015

Garnier Light Complete Range !!

Hello readers, its been a while since I wrote something as I am in India presently for holidays. This trip was sudden as earlier I was supposed to land in India on 27th night, but due to mu husband's official plans it got preponed and I came on 22nd March. It was a huge surprise for my mom seeing me at 11pm outside the door. Since then friends and relatives have been coming over and I hardly got time to sit down and write. Today I have got some time as my cousins are sleeping and I didnt want to, I will share my experience with Garnier light complete range. It includes :- Multi action whitening peel off mask, Multi action brightening foam, Milky lightening dew toner, Light complete moisturiser and BB eye roll on.

1. Step one requires you to wash face with Garnier Light Complete multi-action brightening foam, I have been using this cleanser for about two years and love what it does to my skin. It cleans up the dirt and oil effectively making your face look birght and fair. It does make you feel little dry but thats a general feature of any face wash you use. I would definitely recommend this to all the people looking out for a cheap and excellent facial wash.

2. Next comes the Milky lightening dew toner from Garnier's light complete range. It has a white coloured, thick milky texture and nicely cleans up the remaning oil the facial wash could not clean. I have only used it a few times, so I cant comment on how wonderful it is compaed to other toners we get, but I will soon share my experience on it.

3. Third step is for a moisturiser by Garnier Light Complete line in a cute bottle. I love how they design their products containers and the bright yellow color of them, alright now Im getting too deep into the colors again. Well this cream is a little oily, and I have slightly dry skin but thus cream makes me feel too oily, after I apply a little amount of it it makes me sweat on the T-zone.  This is the one thing I did not like about this cream but it would do wonders for people having very dry skin.

4. I would share my views on the Multi-action whitening peel-off mask which I have used quite a few times and like how it works. Its a little thick gel like texture, to applied like a cream mask or face pack on your face and has to be dried for about 15 minutes and then peeled off starting from the neck and upwards. It cleaned my face nicely and removed the tan as well. I suggest it can be used once in two weeks.

This was all about the Garnier Light Complete haul, now i will write a few lines about the BB Eye roll on by Garnier skin naturals. 

This image is not very clear though, but I really like this container, its cute, sleek and easy to carryn in your bag or even your denim pocket. It acts like a concealer to hide dark spots and its tip has a metal ball that gives a cooling effect and convenient to apply on the eye contour. It makes the eyes look brighter and beautiful without too much of makeup. Can be applied everyday before going out, and your favorite lipstick will do the rest for you.

I'll b back soon with more product reviews, fashion statements and travel stories, till then keep follwoing me on Instagram for the daily updates.

Have a lovely week ahead.

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