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5 March 2015

The Body Shop - Skin hydration pack !!

Hey beautiful girls, today I have decided to write this blog and share my review of The Body Shop Skin hydration pack which consists of - Vitamin E gentle face wash, Vitamin E hydrating toner and Vitamin E moisture cream. I had bought this pack in August last year and loved them so much that I have got them restocked. I cost me RM130 much less than the individual values total and it was worth each cent. The box has basic instructions displayed with helpful images on the back side of the box.

First let me tell you about the Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash which contains Vitamin E, organic soya oil and wheat germ oil. Vitamin E for hydration, neutralise free radicals, washes away impurities and maintains soothing effect. Wheat germ oil helps in nourishing and is very good for skin. Organic soya oil also keeps skin moisturised and soft. I don't like the smell of it but I use it at home often.

Next step is cleaning up face with Vitamin E hydrating toner which contains Vitamin E obviously and Glycerin for extra softness. I remember my mom used to apply a mixture of rose water and glycerin on my face, when it would get dry due to breeze and harsh winters. Cleaning up face with this toner feels smooth, supple and hydrated and it very effectively pulls away the dirt particles from the face. I always use it after my face wash, and never forget to apply it before your night cream.

Lastly comes the Vitamin E moisture cream - it has got an oily texture and stays on for a very long time but I did not find it that nice as I used to get sweaty face after applying it, felt need to rinse my face again and again. And I don't like to keep my face oily or sticky at all, specially when I'm out on a hot sunny day, so I don't buy it anymore. It contains Lanolin - nature's richest moisturisers and Sorbitol for creating good lather.

I would suggest you to definitely go for the Vitamin E toner and Vitamin E face wash if you can afford to avoid its chemical smell. I'm not sure if this pack is still available in stores, it was on sale when I bought it, you can just buy them seperately.

Hope you liked my review, if any suggestions or questions do write to me, I'll be happy to answer them efficiently.

Love Kanchan

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