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14 March 2015

Hair Care - basics you need to know !!

Hi all, I have always been asked about my hair care routine, how I manage them, which shampoo or conditioner I use, and what products I apply?? Be it friends or acquaintance, they found one sure thing to start a conversation with me regarding my hair care. Few were too jealous to ask and few just asked me straightaway, not that I did not like answering them but it was useless explaining the carefree ones. I thought why not share my tips to healthy hairs and basic care to keep them shiny and smooth with you all out there, who are looking for some guidance to manage their dry and frizzy ends.

Since school I have had long hairs, as my mum did not like me to have short hair, infact I was not even allowed to take those fancy hair cuts, the girls of my age used to flaunt. Even in college I was only allowed to style them a bit but not at the cost of their length. So basically, I used to crib but I now thank her for not getting me go through crazy hair experiments, colors or cuts when the roots were getting laid and rather have them oiled and simple. After marriage, I did undergo some chemicals to get highlights, and dryers on occasional situations. I do get hair cut but strictly my choice, and desired length regardless of how all the hair stylists I ever see want to chop them off and style me. I maintained a big "NO". Below are few of the pictures in my all natural straight hair and different styles I try at salon sometimes.

Here are some basic hair care tips that all girls must follow no matter what their hair length or texture is and should not use much chemicals on their heads.

1. Oil - Hairs just like any other cell grow and for that they need food on regular basis, which is incomplete without a healthy nourishing oil massage. I used to apply coconut oil earlier, but since the highlights I started using olive oil for scalp massage. I would recommend yo all to have oil bath atleast twice a week, keeping it for minimum of 1 hour before shampoo. This is very important for roots nourishment, preventing dryness and maintaining smoothness. Almond oil also give good results and its also good for relaxation, argan oil and tea tree oil could prove satisfying too.

2. Shampoo - Selection of a perfect shampoo suitable for your hair type is as important as your lipstick color. For dry hair, oily hair or frizzy hair the products are different and function specifically to resolve those issues. Check the label and avoid picking a shampoo containing high amount of sulfates,alcohol,sodium,synthetic perfume or colors in it I know its not possible as these are basic ingredients  but you can manage to pick ones with lower percentage of such elements. Try picking shampoos which have herbal products, more of natural ingredients, and proteins. Being a schoolgirl I laid my hands on every new brand that I saw with best advertisement which did give me a tough time, until I discovered the right shampoo for my hair. I have tried Dove products and they are not really bad, many people use them for years,but I have been using L'oreal and Redken for last four years and I am really happy with these. I would suggest you to shampoo every third day if you have normal to dry hair, as too much shampoo also makes your hair dry and, every second days for those who have oily hair or dandruff. If too much oil it relates to hormonal imbalance or dandruff you must consult a hair specialist before using any product. For colored hair you must pick Color protect shampoo only.

3. Conditioner - This is the third step and important to maintain smoothness, shine , preventing split ends or breakage after wash and exposure to heat or sun. I use L'oreal absolut repair conditioner and L'oreal nourishing creambath for spa once a month. Conditioner should always be used after shampoo to avoid dryness and manage tangles, avoid using dryers on wet hair, rather let them dry naturally that way you protect them from heat and keep the smoothness alive.

4. Hair mask - This can be applied at home using your own spa kit or at salon once a month to prevent - split ends, dryness, frizzy ends, breakage, shine, smoothness, texture and color of your hair. Make sure to take a steam bath for atleast 10 minutes after you apply this mask, which needs to be massaged properly onto the scalp for about 15-20min. If you have to deal with heat and harsh chemicals too often, try to go for hair spa every fortnight or try using the mask at home with proper massage and steamer.

Remember  -  Select the best product for your hair type, do not change shampoo/conditioner frequently, oil your hair regulary and avoid exposure to extreme sunlight/chemicals. Follow these magical steps and surely you will have long hair to flaunt and style too.

Hope this would have answered few of your questions if not all, for more you can write in to me, and I will reply soon. Will share more on hair care and products, till then - Happy Sunday !!

Love Kanchan

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